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I by no means have my shit together.

Like ever.

Let’s be real. I have 3 kids and 1 is Bob of them.

But, I recently listened to a book that has actually helped me get my shit together.


Like, planning for college for the kids, retirement for JC and I, travel money, etc.

Helped me learn to time block my day in real time. For example, it takes me 25 minutes to do my hair in curls vs. 14 if I wear it straight.

It takes 20 minutes for full makeup and 3 minutes to do the minimum.

I know that I need to break money goals into bite-size pieces because they are way less scary.

I also have to plan time to just chill and time to be creative.

It is also okay to have brunch with friends and go to the occasional happy hour.

I deserve it.

This doesn’t mean I am gonna start cooking gluten-free vegan muffins for the kids. It just means. I have my shit together enough to know I give no fucks what my kids eat as long as they are eating and their chores are done.

My version of the perfect life is probably not your version of the perfect life and that is okay. That is what makes us great and individuals is that we all like different things.

So, you do you and find what makes you happy.

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