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About Me





I am sure you are fed up and unsure of what your next move should be. Like Alice lost in Wonderland you need someone to guide you along your journey. People have told you a dozen different things all conflicting and none of them are working.

Your ship is sinking and you have no idea what to do. You have tried social media, unsuccessfully, attempted running ads, taken courses, attended workshops, but here you are stuck. Your head is spinning about you are falling helplessly down the rabbit hole.

There is absolutely no reason you should be made to feel like this. You are SMART. You own your own business and have built it into what it is today. Be PROUD.

Getting unstuck may seem like a lot of work, and you know what for someone who doesn’t know sales and marketing it can be overwhelming.

But, lucky for you I know both and am here to be your guide you can get out of the rabbit hole escape wonderland and get back to doing what you love best.

If this sounds like exactly what you need then let me be your guide.



I am a Business, Launch, Sales & Marketing Strategist, Target Marketing Expert, Guerrilla Marketer, and LinkedIn Expert. I have studied the works of Dale Carnegie for over 20 years and uses his teachings in business helping my clients to build trust with their prospects. As a social media marketing expert, I have helped her clients generate over 300 million in sales since 2016 utilizing LinkedIn. She is also the best-selling author of “A Blonde’s Guide To Be A Better Marketer: For Authors Only.”

I help businesses get clear on who their target market is and how to market to them. By using psychological analysis to analyze the thoughts and emotions of the target market so my clients can create advertising campaigns and content that get results. I help my clients find their target market on and off-line and aid them in marketing to them in a way that helps build a relationship turning their potential clients into brand evangelists.

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