Discounts are killing your business.

If you are constantly undervaluing your work others will, too. People will only pay what something is worth to them. So if every other month you are having a special why wouldn’t they wait until your next BIG sale? Constantly having a fire sale may bring you an influx of funds, but it is killing your business.

If you can sell a product or service at $4000 then that is what it is worth. If someone tells you that they can’t afford your stuff that is not your responsibility.

While you can occasionally offer a special it should be at the beginning, not the end.

For example:

You build a course and offer it to your friends for $97. They give you reviews and feedback before you drive traffic to it for $997.

This doesn’t make you a bad person for asking for money.

You are in business you need to get used to making money.

Otherwise, you have a very expensive hobby and should probably start looking for a J-O-B. Because responsible adults have to make money in order to pay their bills and buy fun things like that trip to Maui you have been dreaming about.


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