When I first started in business I set crazy insane goals. My hope was these goals would help me make money, and build my business.

What they really did was cause me added stress. Why? Because they weren’t realistic.

Once I learned to break them down to a weekly, and daily. Instead, of looking at the huge number they became a lot more manageable and obtainable.

For example here are 10 ways to Make a Million Dollars

You would need to sell

50125.31: $19.95 products or 4177 monthly subscribers

21277: $47 products

10309: $97 products that is only 859 a month.

5076: $197 products

3367: 297 products

1003: $997 products

501: $1997 products

334: 2997 products

100: $10,000 products

33: $30,000 products

It does not matter what you charge the end number is the same. The difference is the number of sells it will take to get you there.

If you write a newsletter and sell it for $19.95, it might be less work than creating a $197 webinar or a $997 group program.

When you are considering residual and passive income streams look at your time and money spent marketing as part of your ROI equation; the $10,000 coaching package might make you the most money instantly, but the time involved might yield the lowest ROI.

So, if your goal is 21,277 $47 products you would need to sell about 1773 a month or 409 a week or 58 a day.

~Work smarter not harder my friends~

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