10 LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn tip 1:

Make sure you have a professional headshot. Your bathroom selfie just isn’t going to cut it here. You need to smile, but also prove you are a business professional. This is not Facebook you need to step up your game. Whether you are looking for a job or seeking clients, you need to show you mean business.

LinkedIn tip 2:

You don’t need to spring for the premium LinkedIn account unless you are seeking a job, intend to use Sales Navigator, or if you are a recruiter. The added advantages just aren’t there.

LinkedIn tip 3:

If you want to be found, don’t try to be fancy with your headline. This is where SEO for LinkedIn comes into play. If people are actively looking for XYZ and you tried to be original in your headline they may not be able to find you. Yes, it is important to be original and stand out but try doing so while keeping keywords in mind.

LinkedIn tip 4:

Make sure your skills reflect your current position. Steer clear of generic skills that everyone else is using and make sure you use industry-related skills. This is very important to help you stand out. Your three endorsements for excel verse your 99+ skills in something industry related can be the difference in landing a job or client.

LinkedIn tip 5:

You need recommendations, and honestly, it doesn’t matter who gives them to you as long as they are good. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues, friends, boss, or clients for glowing recommendations. People want to work with someone others like. This is your chance to show the world people like you.

LinkedIn tip 6:

Your about section should be a window into who you are as a business professional but also so a glimpse of your personality. When it comes to copy here don’t be afraid to write how you talk.

LinkedIn tip 7:

You need connections on LinkedIn the easiest way to get them is to connect with people already in your network. The simplest way to do this is to import in your existing address book.

LinkedIn tip 8:

Make sure that your experience also has a keyword heavy description. Hey, the goal is to get found. You can make this happen by listing things that others are searching for.

LinkedIn tip 9:

Your header photo is just as important as your profile photo. Make sure what you chose reflects your business and personality.

LinkedIn tip 10:

Create a company page. Just like on other social media platforms having a company page is just as important here.

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